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[IP] Your presentation

I think it's great you are trying to educate people about diabetes.  I don't 
know too much , but I can tell you this.  I'm a type 2 who fought for 5 years 
and finally got a pump this July.  When I asked my docs for a pump they kept 
telling me that only type 1's could use a pump because we type 2's still make 
some insulin and it would be impossible for me to know how much more insulin 
I needed from a pump above and beyond what my body was making.  He was afraid 
I would have too many lows.  Well, that was not a logical excuse because if I 
was injecting NPH that was peaking hours later, what difference did it make 
if it was a short acting insulin in a pump or a long acting insulin from a 
syringe.  Am I making sense???  He told me I couldn't have a pump until my 
body totally quit making insulin.  At the time, I believed him and just gave 
up trying to get a pump. I didn't know at the time that that was just his 
opinion.  When I saw the article about type 2's pumping in the Diabetes 
magazine, I went and got another doc who has now helped me to get my pump.  
Just proves you should find a doc whom you believe in and who is willing to 
work with you....The only other difference between type 1's and 2's as far as 
treatment goes is that type 1's have to watch out for DKA which is not common 
among type 2's.  Well, that's about all I can help you with.  God luck!!  
Barbara    One last thing....when I have aproblem with the mechanics part of 
my pump, my endo is not ashamed to tell me to call my minimed nurse.  He 
admits freely that she knows way more than him about the pump itself.  I find 
that honest and refreshing!!
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