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Re: [IP] Survey Reveals Shortfalls in Diabetes Education

On 27 Oct 2000, at 18:10, RoseLea wrote:

> Yerachmiel wrote:
> <<LONDON (Reuters) - Diabetics are not being given enough information on how
> to
> manage their illness and avoid long-term and potentially fatal
> complications,
> medical experts said on Friday. >>
> Yeah, and in the US, a number of insurance companies think you need no
> education about diabetes, just take a shot or a pill and go on your way.  My
> insurance wouldn't even pay for my training in carb counting or pumping.
> (Guess they didn't think I really needed to learn those things).

Both of the classes I went to (switched providers) pushed the 
exchange method.  Which I just CANNOT grasp.  In the second 
class, the nutritionist sorta laughed at my bewilderment and rolled 
her eyes when I told her that I count carbs and look up the counts 
in the USDA nutrient database online when there's no nutrition 
label.  And she said that wasn't necessary, "here let me show you 
again [the exchange method], you don't have to be that precise 
about it".  This was before I demanded to be tested for Type 1 and 
it was assumed I was type 2 and was currently taking the smallest 
amount of glyburide I could manage on exteme lo carb & intense 

Needless to say, when my endo suggested I go back for more 
classes when she thought perhaps I wasn't counting accurately (at 
the time, I hadn't been including my carb counts on my BG/Insulin 
sheets), I said "no, I don't get along with her very well". (so I started 
recording my carb counts more consistently and the endo's happy 

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