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Re: [IP] my first pump problem (sortof)

Tenders and Sils are the same thing. it's a bummer happening but not that

I would actually have also put this up to stress over your man's motorcycle
accident too.
Jenny Sutherland

And that was my first box of "tenders" replacing "sillouettes". I'm
> usualy not so careful with breakfast but needed to fine tune knowing that
> breakfast carb ratios in some people are increased. Maybe it was a funny
> night because the tube had a tight knot in it for the first time too. So
> my kidneys ache, my eyes are dry, I have to pee too much and I have an
> unquenchable thirst, my energy level is low, I've added a weight to the
> discouragement balance, and I can't exercise. Moral: better sillouette
> sory? True moral: I have diabetes.
> P.S. my 2nd cousin age 17 is in critical care after last nights motorcycle
> accident. Reminds me of my hospital room when diagnosed, the bed next to
> was broken bones motorcycle accident. I thought then, you're going to get
> over it and have bragging scars. But who will sympathise with a man who
> struggles with diet, exercise and insulin.
> Aaron

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