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[IP] My first pump problem.

I had to call Disetronic to day for the first time in almost 10 months of
pumping.  What happened was I had taken a shower and my 3 year had gotten a
hold of my pump. (found it in the living room)  It was time to do a site
change so I did. But when I when to connect back up the connecter wouldn't
"click" into place.  I would go in fully but no "click".  And when I tugged
on it came apart.  I thought I had gotten some bad sets.  I called and they
told me to send it in to see what was going on.
After I hung up I went to insert a new one but I checked to see if it would
"click" first by taking out the introducer needle and then connecting the
tubing.  No "click".  SO then I looked at the tubing end.  Everything looked
normal until I got out another set of tubing and put one connector on to top
of the other.  The one that wouldn't click was smaller.  So I stretched it
back out to the right size by hand and voila. it clicked!

Moral of the story here:  Be careful  when squeezing the tubing side of the
connecter when it isn't connected.


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