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Re: [IP] noticing pumps - Flashback Alert!

Jan H. said:

<<RoseLea wrote:
> Apparently, some of the old pumps had problems, but I've never had
> anyone even notice my pump if it was tucked in under my clothes. If they
> notice it, they think it's a pager and ask you to give it to them, but
> it's easy enough to demonstrate that it's a medical device -- the MM
> even has "insulin pump" WRITTEN on it.>>

Wow, wasn't me who wrote this.... I don't even know what a MM pump has
written on it since I have a Disetronic...  Might have been a quote from
someone else included in a post I made... hey I don't want anyone to think
I'm plagiarizing anyone here... (CJ and Dauna)  <vbg>


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