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Re: [IP] Re: the insertion site and sex - a problem??

I just got to jump in here.  My hubby, wonderful man that he is, doesn't
notice my set or even the pump if I leave it on during those intimate
moments.   I think he's got his mind on "other things" than to worry about a
small thing like the set or pump.  <vbg>  And, as far as being sexy goes...
I'm 49 now and not quite what I was in my younger days, but he doesn't care
about that either.  He still tells me how sexy I am everyday... :o)  It
sounds like the 'ex' was a loser and any new relationship that has a problem
with the pump is not worth keeping either.  I believe that the pump is a
part of me now, and if you love me, then you have to accept me with the
pump.  And that's just the way it is... :o)


Jenny wrote:

<<Ask that stupid little man how'd you'd "look" with a dialysis fistula from
your arm? Or black toes and cold gray feet from lower limb circulatory
issues? Ask him if you'd "look" better without a foot or with a bag to feed
you (Severe Gastro) hanging from you?
He probably found you easier to control without your pump as you were too
tired to argue anything.Give me the "fashion Statement" of the pump

Gr8teacher wrote:

<<> the ex looked at me and said "wow!  you look so much better without
> it must be so much easier to navigate now - you know - when you're in bed.
> no worries about hitting that damn thing.  it was always in the way."
> it didn't seem to matter that i felt healthier back on the pump; it
> that sex was such "a hassle" with it.
> jesus.  i am so glad he's the ex.  does an insertion site REALLY GET INTHE
> WAY?  i disconnect, as i'm sure most of us do.
> as if i don't worry enough about the darn thing (it's so weird for me tobe
> without clothers with a "plug" hanging off my abs) when i begin a new
> relationship anyway.    i wish he'd never said it at all.  but he did.
> and i don't know why i'm so angry.  maybe because i worry that it's

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