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[IP] Re:another pregnant diabetic complaining!


I have been diabetic for over 14 years and on the pump for 4.  I have 3 
children and I too kept hearing how the 2nd trimester was so great.  For 
what's it's worth, I was constantly exhausted for all my pregnancies - I 
"lived" for my naps and started to twitch every night about 8:30 from 
exhaustion.  I think there are just so many more strains on a pregnant woman 
with diabetes - no matter how hard we try, our blood sugars still fluctuate 
more than that of a non-diabetic.  We also have the stress of constant blood 
tests, monitoring blood sugars ,food, insulin, etc.  Listen to your body and 
give it the rest it needs.  I didn't listen to my body very well during my 
first pregnancy and had a very difficult time recovering.  For the second and 
third babies, I napped every day, went to bed early every night and had much 
easier recoveries.  Hang in there and good luck!  Please feel free to e-mail 
me if you want!

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