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Re: [IP] Alcohol, Marijuana and Driving...apology letter withmy answer..reallllllly long!


Liz Davis wrote:
> At 04:24 PM 10/26/2000 -0600, you wrote:
> >Personal responsibility is inexorably attached to
> >freedom. Again, I apologize for any offense you may have taken against me
> >for my statement.
> >  Automobile travel is still a risky business and each of us should take very
> >seriously.  Each trip should be prepared for with knowledge that the
> >machinery and driver are fully capable of safely executing the trip.  Please
> >wear your seat belt.
> >  I understand that you would prefer that I not include diabetes in with
> >those that choose to impair their mental function with drugs. I hope that
> >you will overlook our difference of opinion and understand that I use that
> >analogy only to clarify our position.
> So, where in this letter did he actually apologize for or acknowledge his
> error?  Doesn't seem like much of an apology to me.
> Liz

Sounds more to me like he was trying to justify his statements and "buy
off" the objection...  (or maybe it was just his correspondence staff)

Jim S.
email @ redacted
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