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[IP] reservoirs

Paul asked
>  change my sof sets every three days but wanted to 
>  know if you could use the reservoirs more than once? 

well minimed says you can't/shouldn't, but who am I to be told "can't & 
shouldn't"?  I use them SEVERAL times...at least 3 times...(sometimes more - 
shhhhh).  Watch the o-rings and make sure they are lined up, the seal isn't 
broken, there is no leak...give it a shot..just b sure to change when the 
numbers start to rub off...

When you re load the reservoir, make sure you don't shoot air into the bottle 
with the reservoirat syringe...it can have old insulin in it that could make 
your bottle go bad faster.  I use a regular old syringe to shoot the air in 
with (and yes I have been using THAT syringe for a few months now...the only 
thing that goes in it is dirty NYC air...). then just put the needle back on 
the reservoir (keep it in a clean place), and draw insulin in SLOWLY...try 
not to shoot back into bottle to again avoid any contamination of the insulin 
in the bottle

I have 6 BOXES of reservoirs....that will last me until they cure this 

But as with everything...YMMV

Sara SP
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