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[IP] Alcohol, Marijuana and Driving...apology letter with my answer..reallllllly long!

I received this letter of apology along with flowers late yesterday
afternoon.  I thought I would pass it along with the letter I mailed today.
I don't support his political views and I'm not putting this letter here in
anyway to support a political party. (Or to tear one down)

Dear Mrs. Gubler, Kim and Alla,    October 25, 2000
 I hope that I made my position clear on the air and on the telephone with
you yesterday. My only point was directed at those that tend to
misunderstand the Libertarian philosophy.  Many times people think we
advocate anarchy and a complete societal free for all, with drugs and booze.
I hope that you understand that we cannot advocate any lifestyle choices for
others but only that it is never right for someone to harm or threaten to
harm anyone else.   Personal responsibility is inexorably attached to
freedom.  Again, I apologize for any offense you may have taken against me
for my statement.
 Automobile travel is still a risky business and each of us should take very
seriously.  Each trip should be prepared for with knowledge that the
machinery and driver are fully capable of safely executing the trip.  Please
wear your seat belt.
 I understand that you would prefer that I not include diabetes in with
those that choose to impair their mental function with drugs. I hope that
you will overlook our difference of opinion and understand that I use that
analogy only to clarify our position.  My remarks regarding those suffering
from diabetes was in no way intended to disparage those who suffer from this
disease.  I have a dear friend whose husband is type one diabetic and he is
prevented from racing cars in sanctioned events.  He therefore races only
with informal groups.  While he is limited he has still fulfilled many of
his lifelong dreams.  His other dream is to fly.  He is prevented in this
but has focused her passion by becoming an Aeronautical Engineer.
 We are in a battle for the future of America.  This is a battle of ideas
for the future of our children.  Will our children be free or will they live
under the bondage of heavy taxation and federal government rule?  Many have
died in this cause of liberty, and many more will yet pay the ultimate
price.  Let us not forget those, and may we hold their sacrifice sacred and
uphold the principles that they held so dear.  Sometimes we must grow a
thick skin so we do not take offense.  I would like to ask for your help
with the Libertarian Party here in Washington County.  Any help would be
appreciated.  Just talking to friends may be enough.
 On Monday I had to defend a lifestyle choice on television which I find
objectionable.  I did not take offense at this but rather view it as an
opportunity to educate.  The philosophy of free agency is eternal and I
believe that our choices regarding defense of this philosophy are similarly
 It is my hope and prayer that science will discover a cure in the near
future for diabetes and that we many one day view it as we now see polio.
Kim and Alla, we each have a mission to perform in this life.  Your lives
are precious gifts from a loving Father in Heaven who knows of your
suffering.  Keep the faith and thank you for your patience with me.
Warmest Regards to you and your daughters,
Dave Starr Seely

Dave S. Seely
964 Manzanita Rd
St George UT 84790

Dear Mr. Seely,
 I appreciate your letter of apology with the accompanying lovely flowers.
It was very thoughtful of you to acknowledge my concerns.  I believe it is
necessary to further clarify my point of view and let you know why I am so
concerned when Diabetes is mentioned in the same sentence with Alcohol and
illicit drugs.
 Alcohol and drug use are life style choices.  However, a disorder such as
Diabetes, Heart Disease, Epilepsy etc. are not choices.  By saying you
wouldn't like to drive with people who have used Alcohol and Marijuana or
with someone who has Diabetes, or that people with Diabetes can have
"spells," you clumped life choices with a disorder that one cannot choose or
reject.  People are given the wrong impression about Diabetes.
 Four years ago, our 12 year old daughter, Kimberly was diagnosed with
diabetes.  This past April, we traveled to Moscow, Russia, and adopted our
youngest daughter Alla, also 12, and has diabetes.  After her mother's
death, caused by diabetes, Alla was diagnosed at the young age of 5.  (Not
much of a chance to choose or reject diabetes) Much of my day is filled with
helping these girls learn to care for themselves in a responsible manner so
they can live long, happy, healthy lives and to let them know they can do
just about anything they want to.
 There is much ignorance concerning diabetes.  Many people think it's caused
by over eating or eating too many sweets. Some people think the girls will
out grow diabetes, how I wish it were true! Others are offended when the
girls test their blood glucose numbers or take insulin shots in public.  In
some schools, luckily not in our district, children are not allowed to carry
their supplies with them.  People with Diabetes are sometimes discriminated
against in jobs, schools, and even friendships because of supposed
limitations.  Mentioning Diabetes in connection with Alcohol and Drugs just
confirms the myths of limitations.  Testing blood glucose levels before
driving eliminates "Diabetic Spells" that are called hypoglycemia or low
blood sugars.
 It would be very appropriate to publicly apologize to all those with
Diabetes.  Life is hard enough without misconceptions being passed on.
 In the future  clumping Sleep Deprivation, Cell Phones and Applying Makeup
or Shaving as "life style choices" that are dangerous when driving would be
appropriate.  If you must use illness to bring home a point, please just say
that people with disorders that could affect their driving should be
cautious.  I agree to do less would be irresponsible.
 While I agree that liberty and freedoms are important, it is very hard for
me to tell my daughters to "buck it up" and develop a thick skin.  This
disease controls our lives enough without some people thinking that Diabetes
is the in same category as Alcohol and Marijuana.
 This is a excerpt from Kim's English assignment.  It is what she would say
to our Congress if she had the chance:
 Diabetes is a non-contagious autoimmune disease.  I got diabetes because my
immune system attacked my pancreas and now I have to use artificial insulin.
It is given to me by my insulin pump.  Diabetes is sometimes really hard for
me.  After 4 years of diabetes I'm still not used to it....When I write a
letter [to Congress] I will tell them about my life and how I got diabetes
in 1996, 2 days before Christmas.  I will tell them that the students in my
3rd and 4th grade classes were afraid to come near me because I had this
"strange" disease that they didn't understand.  I will tell the Congress why
I have missed so many days of school since I've had diabetes.  I will tell
them about my sore fingers from pricking them to test my blood sugars 6 or
more times a day.  I will tell them about the shots and pump sites that I
have to push into my body and the bruises I get from them...

 Please help us get rid of prejudices, not pass them on!

Thank you,

Linda Gubler

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