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Re: [IP] Sushi

>Had one of my favorite dinners tonight?...yep, sushi.  Anyway, pre dinner i
>was 134 and post I am 277!  i usually get the same rolls with ok bg results,
>but it depends on who's making them...tonight's were thicker than usual (more
>rice?), but I can't believe my guestimating carbs was that off!!!  ANyone
>have any suggestons for carb counting sushi rolls? thanks...Alecia


I posted a similar question.  The guides i have list the various sushi
rolls as 4-6g CHO each.  I know this is wrong.  I am 1:10 ratio and my
local sushi places are consistently 10g CHO per roll.  NOw I am still
experimenting with the dumplings.

I am told each sushi chef will make his rolls differently depending on
where he grew up.  It isn't always just size that counts either!  Some use
more or less CHO rich ingerdients to hold th roll together as well!  This
is hard ot figure.

You didn't blow the CHO estimate too badly, Alecia.  I have been a lot
higher when eating sushi!  I always test 1.5 hours after eating sushi and
often make a mid-course correction.  YMMMV!

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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