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[IP] Re:another pregnant diabetic complaining!

I hope you guys can stand another pregnant complaint, but I want to know
if my fatigue is normal. I'm almost 6 months pregnant, and I'm SOOO
TIRED! I can't take it! Last night I fell asleep at 9 pm, woke up at 7:30
am., and fell asleep again after breakfast. Yesterday, I tried (I keep
trying and trying) to do some research at the library, and I fell asleep
there. Then fell asleep waiting for my dinner to cook. It seems like
every pregnant woman or every woman I've talked to says this isn't
normal, that they had so much more energy by this time. I feel like I
just started feeling better last week, but still so tired. Could it be
the diabetes? I mean, my A1c is good--6.0--but just having that extra fun
disease on top of pregnancy? Have others experienced this too? 

It's also a girl, and an old wives tale says that girls make you more
tired. Who knows if this is true? And, I only have one umbilical artery
instead of two--one atrophied at some point. Could be related to
diabetes, they're not sure. Anyway, I wonder if this contributes to
fatique as well. 

I also feel bad b/c I have a lot to get done, and I"m not getting it
done. Plus, my mom, the mother of 7, keeps telling me things like being
this tired isn't normal, or my favorite "we're all tired, Maureen". She
keeps hinting that I'm complaining too much, and I should just get over
it. Of course, this is the same woman who told me at age 15, during my
double bunionectomy, that I had a "low pain tolerance" and again, should
just get over it. Years later I found out  from a nurse that it is one of
the top five in most painful surgeries. My hormones seem to be all over
the place, and I"m just having a hard time ignoring some things. 

Basically, I'm asking other diabetic women out there who were/are
pregnant--were you really tired through the whole thing? Could diabetes
cause it? Any suggestions for dealing with it? 

Thanks--I needed to gripe. I feel better (but tired :)


PS Baby kicks lots too!

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