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[IP] A1c & Averages

For those who are concerned about A1c & two week average on the meter.
Seeing my endo last week, which was after 4 weeks of holidays, I decided to
check my Fructosmine vs. A1c, [A1c is a average of about 12 weeks vs.
Fructosmine which is a average of only 2-4 weeks], of course it was not the
best, the ranges are below 310 good, 310-380 intermediate, above 380 poor,
my results 338.6, not too bed for those big holiday meals.
In the same time I checked on my In Charge meter which also checks the
Fructosmine, [calling it Gluco Protein], the results were very similar, it
showed 346, which gave me the confidence, to do it more often at home.
The meter checks blood sugars & the gluco protein, when you buy 50 BG strips
you get for free 4 GP strips, which they say to check once a week, [by the
way I got the meter for free].
This test is of course more accurate than the average on the meter, as some
of you have pointed out a while ago, b/c we check more often when high to
make sure it gets down, also we don't check each minute in the day, but the
GP test is a true average for 24 hours.
Hope this helps.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
Co-Executive Director
Jewish Diabetes Association

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