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Re: [IP] go gary hall

email @ redacted wrote:
> Bone head shoulda used me as a life line...he lost on "what kind of a person
> is Esperanto"...or wording to something like that...anyone with any romance
> language background would recognize the root "esper-" as being TO HOPE...and
> esperanto as One Who Hopes...which is rather APPROPRIATE for a
> diabetic...DONTCHA THINK!!!
> anyway...I am happy for him, IDAA and the exposure...and in honor, I am
> giving presssshhhhhuuuuussssss a middle name...He will know be known as
> pressssshhhhhuuuussss  esperanza (yes I know the "a" ending is used for
> feminine names, but I like the sound of this better than with the masculine
> version

As an honest-to-god, fluent esperanto speaker, I congratulate you, Sara
Smarty Pants!!!!  :) :) :)

Actually, in esperanto, the -o ending is NOT masculine -- it merely
indicates a noun. If you wanted to emphasize that the hoper is female,
you would add the ending -ino, thus Esperantino. But you referred to
Presssshhhuuuussss as HE, anyway!!!

Smiles and chuckles, 
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