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Sheila Morris wrote:
> I asked because I felt that it WAS the same and I wanted to have all my
> bases covered just incase any of the T2s on the list found things to be
> different from what they were reading from T1s.  Call me a perfectionist.
> If there was any detail that might be more helpful to a T2 person I would
> like to know.  Otherwise I will rely on what I already know to be helpful
> for myself.
> Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I don't think there was any misunderstanding -- you were right to ask!!!

I don't think it's the pumping, per se, that's different, I think it's
the diabetes that's different.  

But watching this and other lists, it's NOT a Type 1/2 distinction, it's
a 3-dimensional continuum along many axes, and that's where YMMV comes

In other words, the pump is just the thing for some people and not at
all right for others. And this has nothing to do with Type at all. 

Then, once a person has decided to get a pump, the mechanics of using it
are very different from person to person. 

I have a friend who is a very thin, 30-year-duration Type 1, BUT he has
to take his bolus at least 30 minutes before eating or he peaks too high
and hypoes later. On HUMALOG. I have no idea why -- it isn't
obesity-related insulin resistance!!!!! But contrast that with others
who actually take humalog AFTER they eat. 

Some people take 15 or 20 units a day, and others take 70 or 80, again,
for no discernable reason. This is ALSO not related to weight. 

Some people can get a WEEK out of a set, and others have to change every
other day. Why? I dunno.

I won't go on, but I think you see my point!  :)


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