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I asked because I felt that it WAS the same and I wanted to have all my
bases covered just incase any of the T2s on the list found things to be
different from what they were reading from T1s.  Call me a perfectionist.
If there was any detail that might be more helpful to a T2 person I would
like to know.  Otherwise I will rely on what I already know to be helpful
for myself.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.
On a good note, if these people are at a diabetes fair they obviously want
to get more info on controlling their diabetes better  so I shouldn't have
any trouble introducing the pump to them.

Thanks for your help.
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> << I would like to get
>  some info from those on the list that are pumping T2's >>
> Hi Sheila
> I'm still scratching my head over why you think pumping type 2s would be
> different from pumping type 1s. We both need insulin, we both like the
> convenience, we both like the fact that our BGs don't swing all over the
> place, we both like the flexibility, we both like the increased control,
> better A1cs, etc.
> The goal for both of us is to control our BGs the best we can using the
> technology available.
> The only difference that I can think of is that we sometimes have a bit
> problems getting a pump because of the misguided belief that they're only
> type 1s. :-)
> Jan and Elvis

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