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Re: [IP] Sushi

I'm a sushi fan too!  I've found that the sticky rice tends,
being all starch, moves into the blood stream quickly.  I
bolus for it about 10-15 minutes before consuming.  About
1/3 cup of rice is equal to 15 gms of carbo - depending on
the size of the sushi roll, it could range from 10 grams up
to about 30 grams.  I try to watch the preparer to see how
much rice is used in each roll - then I relate it to 1/3
cups of rice (about the size of a silver dollar a little
less than an inch thick) and bolus accordingly.

Certain sushi rolls will react faster than others - protein
slows it down.  Watch how it's prepared - Hepatitis A is
often found in the raw fish meat.  I don't think that the
seaweed wrapping has much carbo, but some types - like a
California roll - seem to have more.

I've also found that its very easy to eat more sushi than I
think I am eating.

Pump Daddy

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