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[IP] Re: Tired Cranky & Mad-1st HbA1C

<part of original post>
<I'm tired, cranky and mad too, though our stories differ.  Got my first
A1C result since pumping -Aug0700- and it was a fantastic 7.0.  wow. My
A1C in July was  a super-fantastic 7.1.  wow. A whole .1 percentage
point for all this insurance battling, carb counting, record keeping,
trouble shooting, infusion set changing, reservoir filling, basal rate
setting, high/low BG
correcting, external device toting work I have done since August
07....For all of you who have shaved a percentage point or more off your
A1Cs (and apparently there are a lot of you according to this site)-GOOD
FOR YOU! I wish I could make such a claim.  My 7.0 is not good enough
for me to consider pregnancy, which was ONE of the reasons I embarked on
this Pumping expedition in the first place.>

Hi Susan,

Don't get discouraged--I wrote a post a number of months ago saying that
we shouldn't obsess over A1C's. Prior to going on the pump, my A1C was
6.8--after going on the pump (for 2 months) it was (drumroll!) 6.8. But
I also had all my blood sugar records which told me that my average b.s.
reading was going down, and the delta was decreasing (i.e., I wasn't
getting as many highs and lows). After 3 more months or so, it was 6.5.
Last month (September), 9 months after starting on the pump. it was 5.8.
Guess what--both my endo and I think the number should be a bit higher,
because it included too many LOWS. I don't want a fabulous A1C at the
expense of too many lows. In looking back, I simply didn't adjust
quickly enough for the change in seasons (greater activity in the

So first, I suggest that you don't obsess over numbers--and keep track
of your own blood sugars--is your average going down? Do you get fewer
severe highs and lows? Then it's doing a great job for you, regardless
of the A1C.

Second, I'd suggest that you give it more time--mine took 6-9 months to
come down (but I felt better long before that).

Third, I'm obviously not an expert in this area, but I personally
wouldn't say that a 7.0 "isn't good enough to consider pregnancy"--I'm
not sure why not (again--disclaimer--I'm not a doctor!).



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