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[IP] yikes stress

sunsmile writes
>  My A1C was a 5.5 last  time, and now it is 7.  I am devistated.  

Chill babe!!!!!    I can think of at least two reasons for this, none of 
which should cause you that much stress...

A)  maybe by testing so often and being so diligent, you are eliminating a 
lot of lows, (at least i hope you are, for your eyes sake).  As I understand 
it, reducing the lows significantly can actually RAISE your A1C - so that is 
a GOOD thing, right!!!???


B)  maybe the lab had some degree of variance...was it the same lab that did 
it last time or was it one of those Office machines, which, as I read here 
recently, can have the same error margin as a HOME meter...up to 20%

7 is not a horrible A1c...consider the stress you are under with your 

>  I never know where my blood sugars may be at any given moment.  

and even testing 15 times a day, there are still 23 hours and 45 mnutes 
during the day when you don't know..Any possibility of going on the sensor 
for a few days?  or getting on teh flucowatch trial?  Don't be scared...you 
are doing everything you can.  Stay on top of it, and don't let FEAR keep you 
from hacking away at the shackles

remember the bubble bath I suggested last time...i'd say time for another one!

Relax.....breathe in.....breathe out......

Sara SP and PE
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