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[IP] go gary hall

i assume everyone else in america besides New Yorkers watched Who Wants to be 
a Millionaire tonight, but for those of you who didn't - they had olympic 
champs as the contestants...and Gary Hall Jr. was one of them...He did 
well...won $125,000 for the International Diabetic Athlete Association...best 
of all he got to talk about being diagnosed, adn how he had always thought it 
would only happen to "people who didn't take care of themselves" and how he 
has actually IMPROVED since his diagnosis...I was proud to be a type 1 as I 
sat there on the exercise bike at the gym and watched him win...

Bone head shoulda used me as a life line...he lost on "what kind of a person 
is Esperanto"...or wording to something like that...anyone with any romance 
language background would recognize the root "esper-" as being TO HOPE...and 
esperanto as One Who Hopes...which is rather APPROPRIATE for a 
diabetic...DONTCHA THINK!!!

anyway...I am happy for him, IDAA and the exposure...and in honor, I am 
giving presssshhhhhuuuuussssss a middle name...He will know be known as 
pressssshhhhhuuuussss  esperanza (yes I know the "a" ending is used for 
feminine names, but I like the sound of this better than with the masculine 

NYC Sara Smartie Pants and Pressshhhhhuuuuuusssss Esperanza
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