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[IP] good weekend!

 Thought I'd share about my experience the past 5
 Went to St. Louis, Missouri for the National Council
on Youth Leadership's Town Meeting on Tomorrow--122
teens from all over the country, who got there through
youth salute and similar local programs. Most kids
were from Missouri and Iowa, Texas and California were
represented well, and some other states with not so
many--VA only had me and 2 other girls. Anyhow, lets
say what an energetic bunch everyone has and with
these people we have a great future ahead. Best of
all, we weren't being "watched for what we do wrong,
but for what we do right", meaning we had a lot of
trust and not really any rules, and YES everything
went well, unlike what some old conservatives might
have expected., GREAT EXPERIENCE.
 As for the pump, I knew i didnt need my backpu pump
(Now that i have one!), pumping was great, although
after the first day i did choose to wear the pump in
my bra or under a big tshirt. only had one real low
and only one bg over 300, avergaing on the higher
side, but that was b/c of the food available as well
as the fact nights I was solo and didn't want to crash
and have an emergency. My mom didn't appreciate
finiding out after I got home that no one knew how to
use the glucagon, but I did have it. 
 About location...central us is sooo different but the
busy east coast! imagine, no bumper to bumper traffic,
us city folks were amazed that our group was greater
than the # of people on the streets of downtown! 
 Not really diabetes related but I thought I'd share.
The airport also was no prob with the pump. Going, i
changed the clock after arrival, coming back I did it
before leaving.	I think when I'm an adult and get
business conferences like this nad the opportunity to
leave town for a few days I'll really enjoy it!
Although, I have got to learn to pack lighter! 
 I am very happy withmy new pump and enjoyed being
able to wear it on my thigh and bolus THROUGH my
homecoming dress with no one noticing, and being able
to rest assured I did get the bolus (because with teh
raised buttons you can't go wrong, either works if you
stick with the same one). 
 My parents I know were worried when the first day I
had no roommates, but even with them (they knew I had
D but really that was the extent of it just b/c we
were so busy, but I had no reason to feel unsafe). 
 Anyhow it was laods of fun and in a sense great to
get away from D. Not that I did, but like only
checking bg 5 times a day compared to 10 and NOT
having any emergencies.
 Remember to smile!

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