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[IP] symptoms of pregnancy(little long)

i had my tubes tied six years ago but recently i have had some symptoms of 
pregnancy. i have still been having my menstrual cycles but they have been 
irregular. two months ago it was a week late last month very heavy for two 
days with severe cramping. also my breasts have been very sore. as soon as i 
roll out of bed and gravity takes hold it reminds me of when i was nursing 
all over again. i have also had some milky discharge from them.
i was getting a little worried so i got one of those home pregnancy test but 
it was negative. is there anyone out there who has had a urine pregnancy test 
come up negative but in fact it was positive? it seems like i heard that some 
people for some reason have to have a blood test to determine if they are 
I have had one miscarriage and had some menstrual like bleeding with my last 
two children that is why I am a little frantic about this.
Any comments out there would be helpful. I am trying to decide if I should 
make a doctor's apt. or not. I would hate to go in there looking like a 
complete idiot.
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