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Re: [IP] Need your comments about taking a physical for a new job

Personally, I'm opposed to medical testing/physicals/drug testing
for jobs that don't involve protecting lives (such as pilots, bus/taxi
drivers, etc).

These test are necessary test that need to be done for certain jobs that
don't involve protecting lives.  I am a school bus driver.  It is very
important that we be in good physical shape and that we are drug free.  In a
sense our job does involve protecting lives.  .  Would you want someone who
is high on something,  been drinking or has a physical problem which clouds
their judgment or slows their  reflexes  driving your kids to school and
home everyday?    We have to be alert at all times to ensure the safety of
all children on our bus.  We have random drug testing where I work.  I am
not trying to make anyone mad and if I have I am sorry.  I just wanted to
say that there are some reasons these tests have to be done.

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