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[IP] Propulsid Access Woes



It sounds like you are experiencing a royal hassle
trying to get Propulsid. I have done a little research
on gastroparesis because the 2 GI doctors thought it
was the cause of my stomach problems, but the stomach
emptying test came back negative. Below is a link to a
website, which provided excellent information on
various drugs used to treat gastroparesis. A 23 year
old woman who has lived with gastroparesis over half
her life created this site. She also has a new e-group
you could join.


There is a drug available from Canada called,     
domperidone, which is supposed to have less side
effects than Propulsid (approx. $120/mth). Janssen had
the license to it here in the US and decided not to
market it. Janssen told me there is a promising drug
coming out called Zelmac 


designed to treat IBS, but may be useful for
gastroparesis. I went to a GI motility specialist, Dr.
Richard McCallum at the University of Kansas Medical
Center. They seemed to stock Propulsid and didn't act
like getting the drug was a big deal. I hope you find
a doctor who can get your through all the hoops
without tons of stress.

Below is an e-mail newsletter from Dr. Joe
Prendergast. I posted it because they haven't archived
it on the website yet.

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000 04:20:00 -0700 
To: email @ redacted 
From: "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor"
<email @ redacted>  | Block address 
Subject: E-News 10/17/00 
        Add Addresses  
Back in August, there was a report that Viagra worked 
to correct gastroparesis in mice.  We have now used it
in one patient and she felt much improved.

Gastroparesis is largely due to autonomic nerve
dysfunction and results from the inability of the end
of the stomach to relax and let the food flow into the

Symptoms are bloating, pain, vomiting long after 
meals, and can effect 75% of those with diabetes after
5 years.  If you want to know how you could be 
tested, go to     http://www.bosmedtech.com/

The way the Viagra works is through the nitric oxide 
pathway and works very fast.  There are many other
treatments as well since it can be somewhat 
hard to reverse at times.

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor

Best wishes in finding a solution,


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