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Re: [IP] Endo

Notha wrote:

<<Why is that so many Endo's don't recommend the pump. I realize the answer
probably "they haven't kept up"....but what do they say their reasoning

Mine said I was doing "too good" and didn't need a pump, since my A1c's on
injections were in the 5's.  I made up detailed sheets showing my bgs,
everything I ate and how much insulin I was taking in shots and gave the
whole shebang to him.  After he looked over the info, he changed his mind
and said that a pump would be a good idea for me.  I think the roller
coaster ride on the graphed out bgs convinced him.  It was more visual for
him to "see" what my bgs did everyday.  I think as more endos begin putting
patients on pumps, their attitudes may change.  But we must remember, there
still are cases of patients going on pumps and then deciding they don't like
them.  That's why it's important for all prospective pumpers to do their
homework and check it all out first.  :o)

RoseLea (and Max, who just got a new sibling who's not named yet, a blue
H-Tron Plus)...

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