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[IP] Need your comments about taking a physical for a new job

Hi everybody!

I just got back from a job interview where I was offered a position as 
National Sales Manger for a company in the Food and Beverage Industry.  I am 
excited, but worried because my offer is subject to me passing a physical and 
drug screening.  

I have back problems and am on a number of meds for hypertension, acid 
reflux, depression (Paxil), and of course Humulog.  I have been on the pump 
(Disetronic H-Tron Plus) for 6 1/2 years, and have been type I for 26 years 
(50 years old).  I am a hard worker, and none of this has ever interfered 
with my job, though.  You guys know this better than any one.

Can any of you shed any light on this physical business?  Is it just a 
cursory type of thing, or what?  Do you think I have anything to worry about? 
 My future new boss told me everybody has to take one to work here, from 
janitor on up.

Your comments would be greatly appreciated!

Bud Hopper
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