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[IP] Re: Stress & Blood sugar..

I am going through a tremendously difficult divorce.  Whenever there is
a hearing, my bg's go through the roof.  I believe it is from the
adrenaline, as mentioned, and no where for it to dissipate.  For the
last one I had a Dr appointment immediately afterward.  Not only was my
bg over 400, but my bp was 180/100, while it is normally 120/75, with
medication and I have been losing weight, which also may be related.  I
had also noticed this during our marriage.  Whenever there was an
argument, it would jump up, though not this high.

Coincidentally, I have been trying to answer some more bogus claims from
my ex's attorney, and the bg has jumped to 312.  I have made a quick
appointment with my Dr in an hour.  I hope that there is something that
can be done.  I always know that it will happen, and it is really
messing me up, beyond the bg's.

I think that I am sensitive to these types of things.  At work for times
that are hectic stressful, my bg will drop drastically, like attempting
to use my few remaining brain cells uses a lot of energy, but not the
fight or flight type which pumps out the adrenaline.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Lord help me to relax about insignificant details
beginning tomorrow at 7:41:23 am.

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