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[IP] noticing pumps - Flashback Alert!

RoseLea wrote:
> Apparently, some of the old pumps had problems, but I've never had
> anyone even notice my pump if it was tucked in under my clothes. If they
> notice it, they think it's a pager and ask you to give it to them, but
> it's easy enough to demonstrate that it's a medical device -- the MM
> even has "insulin pump" WRITTEN on it.

I'm going to the recesses of my mind here: When I had my *monster* pump I
got a few stares, but no one questioned me about it. Six weeks later
(10/4/83) I got the *small* king-sized pack of cigarette sized pump and wore
it in colored zipper-style cigarette cases with a key ring for a belt loop
(still do mm 507C). This was a little bulky under coats, especially with a
glove in that coat pocket. I was always a little disappointed in the
wintertime that no one ever stopped me to see why I bulged on that side -
almost like I could have walked out with something. ܰ

Also, my son who had been a cop, was examining my second pump and noticed it
didn't say what it was. I called CPI and told them. When it was sent in for
refurbishing it came back with a new plate that said Insulin Pump on it.

My large pump can be accessed through my website where it says PHOTOS.  BTW,
I met a MiniMed rep last night and she has the backpack pump pic - she's
supposed to e-mail it to me.

Jan (who is very frustrated with this PC hookup after having to crash it due
to that broken sound card from the IBM *free* update and getting back
61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83 & Bluda Sue (3/99)

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