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[IP] Re: sherry's pregnancy update

In a message dated 10/25/00 12:43:15 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< The dietician didn't seem to understand that I do know what carbs are.  I 
even explained to her that I am diabetic and carb count
 for my insulin pump, but she just looked confused and went on to explain 
again.  I gave up.
 I measured my 3/4 cup of cheerios today, so I did my part.
 My endo, Doctor Charm, was worse.  He made several remarks about how if a 
woman loses a baby, maybe that was for the best because
 something was already wrong.  I get the feeling he already thinks I'm 
doomed.  He finished up by reminding me that I don't want to get "as
 big as this building" so I needed to watch my weight.
 Between his charming, helpful advice, being tired anyway, and being stressed 
out and hating my job, I'm not a very happy camper today.
 And my bg this morning was a little high for no reason. I'm doing the best I 
can, and I just hope it's good enough.
Hi Sherry,
So sorry they treated you like this, good grief.  My endo is supportive of me 
in every way.
I wish you could change dr's, I'd hate to be stuck with them
(your endo and dietician) for the whole pregnancy.
You do have the right to change you know, you're never
stuck with your dr, even with the dr covering your pregnancy.
Congrats on your 9 week old!
how exciting  :)

Faith  u
We are all slow drips without coffee
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