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[IP] Re: Tired Cranky & Mad-1st HbA1C

----- I'm not a very happy camper today.
> And my bg this morning was a little high for no reason. I'm doing the best
I can, and I just hope it's good enough.
> Sherry C
> >From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
> Tired, cranky, and mad
I'm tired, cranky and mad too, though our stories differ.  Got my first A1C
result since pumping -Aug0700- and it was a fantastic 7.0.  wow. My A1C in
July was  a super-fantastic 7.1.  wow. A whole .1 percentage point for all
this insurance battling, carb counting, record keeping, trouble shooting,
infusion set changing, reservoir filling, basal rate setting, high/low BG
correcting, external device toting work I have done since August 07.  Wow.
I am still reeling  as I contemplate this pivotal tidbit of information that
affirms the success (or non-success in this case) of everything I have done
for my health in the past 11 weeks.  Now I have to travel from Nassau to
Florida tomorrow and meet with my CDE, RD and DR (and whoever else wants a
piece of me) to give them this enlightening news.

For all of you who have shaved a percentage point or more off your A1Cs (and
apparently there are a lot of you according to this site)-GOOD FOR YOU! I
wish I could make such a claim.  My 7.0 is not good enough for me to
consider pregnancy, which was ONE of the reasons I embarked on this Pumping
expedition in the first place. There was a thread a few weeks ago that
expounded a notion I'd like to revisit today- DIABETES SUCKS.

Susan R.

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