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Re: [IP] Driving, Alcohol, Marijuana and Diabetes !

> >snip>>I guess after our rather "pointed discussion" last night
> >he had second thoughts because he called me this morning to apologize and is
> >sending me a letter apologizing to our 2, 12 yr old daughters with D (who
> >were devastated because they had been listening to the talk radio show and
> >work very hard to control D)  When I receive the letter I'll post it for you
> >all.  Just wanted to let you know...<<
> Is he planning on making a public apology as well?  Sending a letter
> of apology to you is great, and, maybe, because of your
> conversation, he won't use that analogy again.  But....a public
> apology via a newspaper or the same radio show would be ideal. 
> Could you get his permission to submit his letter of apology to the
> radio station/newspapers?  If he's had a change of mind on an issue
> publicly discussed, he shouldn't have a problem with letting the
> public know.
If he sends you the letter, it becomes her property to do with as you 
choose. For my nickle, I'd make sure every newspaper reporter in the 
state got a copy of it with the appropriate sections highlighted in 
yellow marker.

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