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Re: [IP] Driving, Alcohol, Marijuana and Diabetes !

>snip>>I guess after our rather "pointed discussion" last night
>he had second thoughts because he called me this morning to apologize and is
>sending me a letter apologizing to our 2, 12 yr old daughters with D (who
>were devastated because they had been listening to the talk radio show and
>work very hard to control D)  When I receive the letter I'll post it for you
>all.  Just wanted to let you know...<<

Is he planning on making a public apology as well?  Sending a letter 
of apology to you is great, and, maybe, because of your conversation, 
he won't use that analogy again.  But....a public apology via a 
newspaper or the same radio show would be ideal.  Could you get his 
permission to submit his letter of apology to the radio 
station/newspapers?  If he's had a change of mind on an issue 
publicly discussed, he shouldn't have a problem with letting the 
public know.

Cindy, mom to 14 y/o Noah

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