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I want to thank any and all of you that have posted messages in the past few months while I and my endo and educator attempted to make MDI work for me one last time after a 13 year struggle with insulin injections.  Today is my second day pumping with a H-Tron Plus. 
I had many fears and apprehensions concerning pumping and slowly they are all dissappearing.  I've had illnesses before that I had to treat during hospitalizations with IV's.  I had imagined the discomfort and the feeling of being tied down to a machine in those occasions to be what it would be like on the pump.  NOT AT ALL.  In fact after the insertion of my first set yesterday and a delivery of a bolus the nurse said she could see the relief and joy in my face.
Again, thank you all.  I'm proud and honored to be a member of this special group.
Donna Kehoe