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[IP] Pump approval

APPROVED!  I got a call from the insurance company this morning and they gave 
me the approval code # but I still have to wait for the "official" letter to 
go the next step. Tonight we will review the pump videos again and make our 
decision on which pump and which color!  What an exciting time this is.  All 
day yesterday I was going around and around with the insurance company and 
the endo's office.  The endo's office kept saying they had sent the request 
via snail mail and had sent numerous requests via fax.  I even faxed a copy 
of the request letter -- still insurance company (and I was speaking with the 
superivisor of the review board) said they never received any of the 
correspondence.  I told her I was going to get in my car and drive the 200 
miles to personally deliver the request to her.  This morning at 9:15 am I 
got THE CALL!!!!  Immediate approval!  I know we don't generally discuss 
religion here but this is a big part of my life so for those who do not wish 
to hear this part -STOP READING NOW!  for all others let me say this --- 
through all of this long ordeal I have spent much time in prayer but this 
morning at 9am I finally gave up and just said, "OK, God I have done all that 
I can do and maybe I am getting ahead of You, so now I rest and will let You 
handle this for it has become too much for me to deal with."  Then I sort of 
dozed off while sitting on the sofa- hadn't had my coffee yet (LOL) 15 
minutes later I got the phone call.  In AA they teach the Let Go and Let God 
theory -- isn't it amazing how quickly the reply came. No God doesn't always 
answer yes but He will grant peace while we go through struggles and I was 
noticing that this was totally consuming my life.  I was being destroyed with 
this battle. Now we look forward to moving on. If I have offended anyone with 
"religeous talk" this was not my intention, I am just sharing my personal 
I've got so much to learn and I know I will be here asking more questions and 
having my moments of doubt and fear.  I also know you guys will be here to 
help "educate" and "support" me.
God bless,
Grand-mom to Cory
age 11 ~ dx'd 12/28/98
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