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[IP] Pump Frolics

I never heard of such stupidity in my life. My wife who wears coke bottle 
glasses never comments about leaving them on or off before fun in bed. She 
has never asked me to remove Christine even when I tell her that she'll 
peek. What a juvenile jerk this guy must be. What would he do during a 
pregnancy when your navel is often inverted. diabeasties is hard enuf to 
live with when you feel well and your attention is focused on other stuff 
let alone the pressures of having a sexual interlude with kids around or 
rommates or housemates. and forget about the stuff hanging out of your body 
it's so inconsequential. how about my hockey puck pacemaker ? My wife never 
has commented on that hardware because none of that crap should get between 
two lovers. After all that is what life is about, people in love with each 
other and their kids. Spotand Christine the voyeur pump.

A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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