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Re: [IP] Stress & Blood sugar..

<part of original post>
<Stress does it to me too. Since I'm a pastor, Sunday mornings are the
worst time. At first I couldn't figure out how I could start out at 6:00
am at 85 and end up at noon with 220, and not have eaten nary a donut,
pastry, cookie, muffin or whatever>

Hi Shawn,

I teach three-hour classes (at a seminary) and also often preach on
Sundays (sometimes 3 services). What I find is that in teaching, but
especially preaching, my blood sugar goes high despite the energy being
put forth. I've tracked this for many years. I'm sure that it is due to
the adrenaline being released as we get excited about what we are
preaching! But the other thing I've found is that it is temporary--so I
am careful not to bolus too much for a "high" after preaching--or else
I'll come crashing down a few hours later.

Hope this helps.


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