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[IP] Does the needle hurt ?

Susan Bailey writes
I took everything out of the box and was a little overwhelmed. My insurance
was nice enough to cover everything 100%. Included in the box was 90 days
worth of supplies.
Is this the norm.?
During my survey of everything I was ok until I got to the needle on the
soft-serter. I think that is the correct name. It looks a bit long. I just
hate needles. Imagine that, an idd afraid of needles. It took me over an hour
to do my first injection with a short needle and that is all I have used.
Does that longer needle hurt?
By the way I chose the MM508.


You  are probably referring to the sillohette(sil) and its inserter needle. 
There is a short tapered teflon catheter that acts AS a sheath on that 
needle and the needle is only for inserting the catheter under your skink, 
there is a video on our site that shows that needle being introduced into 
the love handles areea. after the catheter is in you remove that long 
needle and do not use it again. Yes it can sting a bit going in but after 
all its a needle. since it is taken out right away it doesn't continue to 
hurt, the Sil is in my opinion the most comfortable set you can use. these 
sets are sometimes called tenders or comforts. they are all the same. There 
is a little booklet on sil insertion which comes with your stuff. It is 
pretty good, if you watch the video and study the booklet you'll be a pro 
inside of a half an hour. Thereare enough supplies for at least 60 days 
there but if you decide on sils you'll need to order more. they only pack 
one I think.  Welcome to the list everyone here is helpful and most of us 
are glad to answer qyestions of newbies (bwaha ha ha) evil laugh. Just ask 
away and some person will be glad to offer an opinion. Spot and Christine. 
T1  Dx '63, pumping since 11/99. You need a sense of humor to cope with 
diabetes but it does develop after a few months.

A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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