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[IP] Driving, Alcohol, Marijuana and Diabetes !

Yesterday, on a talk radio show, a political candidated was talking about
legalizing marijuana and other illegal drugs.  He proposed that if all drugs
were legal and people held accountable for their actions while using these
drugs, drug use would go down.  While you may or may not agree with that
statement, his next statement was the one that irritated me beyond believe.
If it were possible, I would have reached through the radio and ripped out
his tonsils!  He said that he would hate to be driving down the road with
anyone using alcohol, marijuana or had diabetes!  A few minutes later,
someone called in and said that no one should drive while using alcohol or
marijuana . The politician broke in and said "or diabetes, they could have a
'spell'"  OK, so now I'm ready to rip off his head!  I tried calling but
couldn't get in until after the show.  Luckily for me, not for him, I was
able to talk with him.  I asked him if he had really used alcohol, marijuana
and diabetes all in the same sentence.  He said yes, because they're all
three dangerous.  I pointed out that alcohol and drugs were a life style
choice where as no one "chooses" to have diabetes. (Wouldn't sleep-deprived
or cell-phone using drivers be a better analogy?)  We both agree that it was
important for people to take care of their diabetes and test often while
driving.  But, we disagreed on whether or not D should be coupled with
Alcohol and drugs.  I guess after our rather "pointed discussion" last night
he had second thoughts because he called me this morning to apologize and is
sending me a letter apologizing to our 2, 12 yr old daughters with D (who
were devastated because they had been listening to the talk radio show and
work very hard to control D)  When I receive the letter I'll post it for you
all.  Just wanted to let you know...

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