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[IP] Where to order supplies

     Just wanted to add my 2 cents.  My supplies used to be covered, with a 
     lot of pushing, under the prscription plan, 30 for 3 months. It was 
     nice why it lasted.  With constant battles to cut the cost of health 
     insurance, we went to mail order which would delay shipping me 
     supplies for up to a month (worst case) saying they weren't covered 
     under the presciption plan. Now this year they won't budge.  Pump 
     supplies are considered durable medical equipment and the insuracne 
     company has that statement in a"written"  policy ( still need to get a 
     copy of it), they read it to me over the phone. Something that gets 
     tossed every three to four days doesn't seem very durable to me? At 
     least they are covered 80%, still it more than doubles out of pocket. 
     I've had best luck at getting my supplies directly from MM, everywhere 
     else seems more expensive, mark-ups I guess. Taking the good with the 
     not so good, I now get my supplies about a week after ordering them 
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