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[IP] Propulsid Access Woes

I have been going round and round trying to get into Janssen's Limited 
Access Program for Propulsid (used to treat my gastro-paresis).  I've 'gone 
through' two docs who after investigating the program (not my excellent 
cardiac health) decided it was too much of a hassle to get into it.  I had a 
physical last month which was pretty thorough - EKG and lots of blood work 
-including lipids -although Janssen says that not only will I have to do it 
all over again if I want to be in their program but that I'll have to have 
an endoscopy as well AND I'll have to pay for it out of pocket.  (It comes 
to several thousand dollars according to my internist's nurse.)

I can't take Reglan - too many serious side effects.  Taking antibiotics 
(Erythromyacin) 4 x daily for life- sounds dreadful.  Viagra which has shown 
some promise - would run about $80.00 a day.  Anybody heard of anything 
else?  Sometimes I think that my obstacles in trying to access Propulsid is 
the cosmos' way of telling me to lay off.
I'm out of medicine and nervous about the future of my well being.

(Please email me c/o email @ redacted as I get the digest and 
sometimes miss posts.  Thanks and God bless.)
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