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RE: [IP] Judi's strips

> I would like to know what Judy's dissatisfaction was.  I also use
> Merck-Medco.  I am very upset that they carry all the mimimed supplies but I
> can not get them.  I can get the reservoir but I cant get the Soft set QR
> because it is considered an appliance.  I think that that is wrong.  If they
> carry the item then why can't I get it?

It doesn't have anything to do with Merck-Medco, it has to do with THEIR 
reimbursement from your insurance carrier and the way that their contract 
is written with that carrier. Some of the things in the pharmacy are not 
covered under the pharmacy portion of the plan. I'm sure they'd be happy 
to ship them to you if you pay for them yourself. 

I've been through this with both Merck and my current pharmacy supplier. 
The problem really is with the primary insurance carrier and the way 
their contract is written with US, not with the third party pharmacys

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