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[IP] Re: fiancee, new pump, site problems

<part of original post>
<He has been finding that due to excessive perspiration (and that he
can't easily go home and shower intermittently), he is developing site
<Should I really try to push and encourage him to stay on the pump or be
more "silent"?>

Hi Suzanne,

I get the digest version, so you may have gotten 100 responses by
now--but in case you haven't....

First, yes, definitely encourage him to stay on the pump (just try not
to nag--we men don't usually take too well to nagging,
even when you're right!). It will make a big difference in the amount of
energy he has and how he feels if his blood sugars are
better regulated, and the pump is the best way to do it. I'm amazed that
I can wake up in the morning with stable (120s) blood
sugar readings for the first time in my life (pumping since January).

Here's what I recommend on the site problems.

1) I was having site problems too with the sofsets. If he isn't using
sils, suggest to him that he try them (Minimed will send some
samples to him free). I switched in April, and have virtually no site
problems now. Many other people find the same thing. The
sofsets are a major problem for many of us.

2) If that doesn't work, call Minimed and ask for their suggestions.
Extra tape (or a different brand of tape) put on first may
help, as may tape on top of the site. Of course, make sure he is using
the IVPrep first to prepare the site and letting it dry
thoroughly before inserting. But again, I think the sils are lots
easier--and I need no extra tape to keep them in--for 5-6 days at
a time! (probably for your fiancee, 3 days!)

Hope this helps!

Feel free to email me back with questions/concerns.



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