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[IP] re: insertion site, sex, and your ex

<part of original post>
<the ex looked at me and said "wow!  you look so much better without
it.  And it must be so much easier to navigate now - you know - when
you're in bed.  no worries about hitting that damn thing.  it was always

in the way.">

Your ex sounds like an insensitive idiot. My wife and I have even gotten

active on occasion with the pump still attached--and with it
disconnected of course it is almost not there. My wife has never said
anything about it. I will say that the sils leave a flatter "button"
with no tail, whereas the sofsets I used before protrude a bit and have
that stupid "tail." But again I think that bothered me more than my

What you should focus on are the benefits to your health and how much
better you feel a greater percentage of the day. A person who truly
loves you will focus on that as well!!

Hope this helps.


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