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Re: [IP] Re: the insertion site and sex - a problem??

>an insertion site REALLY GET IN THE
>WAY?  i disconnect, as i'm sure most of us do.
>as if i don't worry enough about the darn thing (it's so weird for me to be
>without clothers with a "plug" hanging off my abs) when i begin a new
>relationship anyway.    i wish he'd never said it at all.  but he did.
>and i don't know why i'm so angry.  maybe because i worry that it's true?

I'm not pumping yet but have the same concern.  A few valid points:

The set is a blemish on our physical bodies, yes.

Blemishes don't matter to anyone attracted to you and not just to your body

I think a set is a lot more attractive than the roll of fat around my
abdomen!  But still, people without sets but who do have a roll of extra
spare tire space still have great sexual relationships!

This is why he's the ex and you're looking forward to a new relationship!


Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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