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[IP] Sexy pumps

Mu husband (of 10 mths)  was the one who wanted me to try a pump. I started
pumping only a month after we were married. He loves my pump and considers
it the "part of" me "that beeps". Occasionally we've gotten tangled up in
the tubing b/c I don't disconnect but sometimes it gives us a great laugh.
He even thinks it's cute when I run around after a shower wearing nothing
but Fluffy and a smile and has learned that even with a pump, women can be
irresistable. It took me 3 weeks after pumping to let him near me tho and he
welcomed the idea that we'd share a longer life togther than we would have
otherwise. Some ex's are best ex's, we all fear the pump makes us look
weird, but it makes us healthier and happier and those that love us, love
the way we look, even when attached:)

Randi "Pixie" Bruner
GSA Bete

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