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[IP] I'm back, uncomfortable pantyhose, and sex

Well, I'm back from my hellish business trip to N.C.  Surprisingly, I 
survived, although I have a very pesky cold.  So I had o change my site at 
least every other day (once 2x in one day).  One of the sites went from red 
to purple in an hour and then when i took it out, lots-o-blood.  So, I'm 
wondering if anybody else gets this from wearing pantyhose?  
Next, when I started the pump, getting "frisky" was one of my concerns.  
Occasionally, if there's to much "friction", I have problems later with my 
site.  Most of the time, I stay attached...yeah it can be inconvenient, but 
so is the phone ringing, a hairclip, even fingernails.  So, who cares why the 
guy said it was inconvient...there's gotta be at least ONE reason why he's 
your Ex...now you've got two!

its nice to be back Alecia
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