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[IP] RE: Insertion sites and sex--a problem??

It's definitely true that your insertion sites exist and that most people
don't have them.  However, I think that when someone truly loves you, they
take the existence of your insertion sites in stride because they know how
much they improve your life.  I must admit that I was anxious, initially,
about whether or not my fiancee would find me attractive once I started on
the pump (just five weeks ago), but I now realize that I was silly to be
worried.  He's accepted the pump almost better than I have; he treats it as
an appendage of me, as an integral part of me.  At first, I always
disconnected before sex; now, I often just leave the whole thing on and it's
no big deal.  He loves me and so he sees the pump through the same rosy
lenses that he sees the rest of me.  Once you find someone who truly loves
you, I think the pump/insertion sites will be a non-issue.  Good riddance to
that ex.


Dx'd in 1984 at age 12
Pumping for 5 weeks

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