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On 24 Oct 2000, at 18:46, email @ redacted wrote:

> soft-serter. I think that is the correct name. It looks a bit long. I just 
> hate needles. Imagine that, an idd afraid of needles. It took me over an hour 
> to do my first injection with a short needle and that is all I have used. 

hey, you aren't the only one!  I have a lifetime of doing everything I 
could to avoid needles, including getting my teeth drilled without 
novacaine.  (Pain is less of an issue than the needle itself).

I've always hated food too and anything related to food.  No, I don't 
have an eating disorder, I just hate the whole concept.

And so of course, I end up getting a disease that is both food AND 
needle related.  Karma.

My first injection back in March took a long time too.  Sat in that 
CDE's office crying and blubbering and hyperventilating., used up 
half a box of kleenex and made her have to reschedule a couple of 
other people's appts.

I still can't inject the regular way.  I have to use either my GentleJet 
(a needle-less device that actually hurts like hell) or a device 
similar to a lancet pen (Autoject 2) that holds the whole syringe 
inside it and you push a button and *it* does the injection for you. I 
still can't even contemplate doing it the other way.  The moment 
that picture is in my mind, my adrenaline starts shooting.  Before I 
found the GentleJet and Autoject, I managed to do 9 injections and 
then began waking up in the morning dreading being alive and as 
each of the four days went by, I became more and more suicidal.

People who say "just do it" don't TRULY understand how irrational 
and stubborn phobias can be.  Not putting anyone down here at all! 
It's no different than my inability to really understand what it's like 
to be male or to find the taste of some foods unpleasant or being 
deathly afraid of spiders.  It's just The Way It Is.  There are just 
some things you have to experience personally before you *truly* 
understand it.

I know that there's phobia therapy available and it has a very high 
success rate.  But I think I'd have to feel really committed to it 
before it would work, and right now, I just don't feel that 
commitment.  And I've also learned that I just have to find my own 
way of doing things and not try to force myself to be like everyone 
else--cuz that NEVER works.  So I'm not even gonna try at this 
point.  But I'm not closing the door on it either.

If it wasn't for the SofSerter, I wouldn't even be *considering* going 
on the pump!  I wouldn't be able to do it any other way.  Which is 
also why MiniMed is the only brand that I can consider at this time.

The main thing I'm looking forward to is the fact that you only have 
to do it once every couple of days, not 3-5 times a day!

The other thing that looks good is the Micro QR, the shorter one for 
thin people that leaves just a plastic tube inside instead of the 
needle itself.  I'm crossing my fingers that it'll work for me!

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