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[IP] Insuring your pump

That's an interesting issue. Does anyone else have their pump insured? My
14 year old son is taking a swimming class next semester and I'm worried
about someone stealing his pump and was wondering if the insurance company
would insure it. I'm also worried about bringing up the fact that he has
diabetes because of the car insurance factor (in a couple years).
In NJ it would trigger a DMV search because NJ feels it has to know about 
your diabetes. Isn't your pump covered under your home owners or at least a 
personal articles floater (no pun intended). IN NJ they are really nosy 
about yer beasties. As a doc I can write my own report in NJ. so its not a 
problem. Anyway the questions are not much more than you would tell your 
own doc and the diabeasties panel docs are knowledgeable Spot and Christine.
A Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted

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