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[IP] micro pain

uhhhhhh.... big needle..... no way. :)
next time i go to my cde, i'll ask about maybe trying the sils, but i'm
probably going to take awhile to get over this needle thing. but unless i
can do it with my eyes closed....
i am using the micros, but i guess i'm wondering if what i described sounded
like symptoms of hitting the "musle wall".
i still think of myself as adverage weight. i was 118 before a year ago
before any diabetic symptoms showed up and i always thought i looked
"chunky". all my sites have been on my abdomen and around my waist, all the
way around to my back.
think that new 30 degree siloette serter someone mentioned would help? who
would i call to get my hands on one, anyway?
and btw, chalk me up to the " no probs with sex and sites" :) hubby could
care less....:)

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